Login Customization

Single Sign On

Rezi is committed to ensuring that logging into our platform is a seamless experience, especially for first-time users. Single Sign-On (SSO) is a solution that will enable a user to log into multiple Web sites and services from one location. The SSO solution will have a portal-based design, with the main difference being that a user will have to enter their credentials only once instead of many times.


Please contact your account manager if you wish to implement SAML SSO

Custom Token Single Sign on

Rezi is able to connect you user by sharing your user credential (email, password) from your back-end service to our API. We will answer the API call with a token you can use to automatically login your user by passing the token (USER_TOKEN for example) in the URL. Example: www.yourAmazingRms.com/login/?token=USER_TOKEN

Custom Rules

Sign up rules allow you to better understand users as they create an account.
Example options:
  • Custom fields
  • Required email syntax
  • Enable/disable social authentication
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